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Why did I train in Beauty Therapy?

My journey into beauty therapy happened quite by accident, I was in my very early 20's and a Mum of two young children. I was given an opportunity by my then Mother-in-law (who is a fantastic hairdresser) to train in beauty. She had dreams of opening a Salon and asked if I would come and work for her as a beauty therapist. It was not something I had really ever given any thought to before, I was by no means a girly girl and my only real experience of beauty treatments was when being a model at college for a friend who was training to be a therapist a few years prior. I had already spent 4 years in college doing a two years business course, then a performing arts diploma and had young children to look after but I loved learning and this was a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and work around my children, so I decided to go for it. I loved the experience of learning to wax, do manicures and facials etc and with practice soon found that I felt confident in these treatments and was eager to work with clients. Unfortunately the building we had hoped would be the salon was found to be not suitable and with some other personal family matters the dreams of opening a salon at that time couldn't go ahead. However I now had these skill sets that I had never thought about learning and a whole new world of possibility had opened for me.......I had become a beauty therapist.



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