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I was sceptical about trying hypnotherapy as an approach to deal with a long term addiction. I had tried many other methods previously which didn’t work or last. I knew I needed to be committed myself for the therapy to work and Sarah spent time prior to the session to ensure I was ready. I find it hard to open up to people and share my insecurities. However, Sarah was not judgemental, but very knowledgeable which made me aware of my excuses and made me realise I needed to be true to myself to make changes. I was surprised how relaxed I felt during the hypnotherapy, as I am quite a stressed, up tight person. The session made me quite emotional in a good way, it made me feel relieved and ready to be committed in my journey to quit my addiction and leave my excuses in the past. I would highly recommend Sarah’s hypnotherapy audios to anyone who feels they are ready to make a change. I now feel free and glad to say I am enjoying life and feeling more positive and confident. Thank you so much Sarah
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