1-1 Therapeutic Coaching video sessions

Is life feeling like it's just not going the way you want it to?

If you are ready to take action and start living your best life working with a life coach may be just what you have been looking for. ​ 



​​​Coaching is like having your own personal cheerleader, cheering you on to success.


Together we will work to 


Identify your goals

Focus on what you want to achieve 

Set realistic, manageable targets

Recognise how you self-sabotage 

Stay motivated 

Learn new ways of problem solving

Enrich your life

Keep moving towards your goals

Understand your own thinking 

Change unwanted habits 

Therapeutic Coaching can help you;


Reclaim your confidence

Build your resilience 

Let go of anxiety 

Being a qualified Counsellor who has studied various other modalities including Coaching & Hypnotherapy I am uniquely qualified to hold space while you explore your innermost thoughts & feeling, to help you find the right strategies & technique's to challenge the blocks you are putting in place, and then cheerlead you on to reaching your goals.


With a  passion for  self care and working with my clients to find happiness and balance, I believe that by treating our self with love and kindness just as we are, we can be more successful in living life as we want it to be. 


   As a coach I view my role as one of facilitation, to enable my clients to understanding self, own beliefs, values, needs and experiences.  My ethos is about sharing knowledge and helping you feel fantastic!  I have a holistic approach which means I work with your mind, body & spiritual needs. 

Previous clients describe that I provide a safe and nurturing space where they can explore their inner world, set goals, make change and focus on living a healthy, happy life. ​​ 


As a body-positive non-judgmental therapist I want to enable you to love and accept yourself just as you are whatever step you are on your journey to being your best self.  I believe that learning to accept who you are right now in this moment is the key to unlocking your full potential. 

Together we will audit your life and focus on your goals  to transform the way you are living. I am here to enable you to tap into your innate  wisdom and overcome blocks preventing you from  taking the actions to create the life you want.   

As your Coach I will celebrate your wins with you give you and give you the occasional loving "tough talking to".  I will NOT criticise you, judge your choices, accept excuses, gossip about you, or agree with you just to make you happy.  


If you are ready to take action to love yourself and create your best life & would like to see if I may be a good fit for you, book a free consultation for a pressure free, no obligation chat to discuss your individual requirements and how we may best work together.  


Client Feedback 




Just thought that as it is approaching 2 years since we started talking I would give you a progress report.

 I am about 4.5 stone lighter - 3 to go and I am still losing weight but very gradually.
 I am more able to say what I want and need. My manager at work recently wanted me to fill in for her at a weekend but I wanted to have the weekend off and I managed to hold my own instead of caving in. I was assertive and not aggressive so a lot learned there.

Everyone who sees me thinks that I have changed for the better, I am a lot more fun to be with.

Take care and thank you for your inspiration.






"I met Sarah several years ago and always found her to be a calming influence in my life, and so grabbed the opportunity for some one to one coaching.

Since giving up work I have lacked direction and purpose in my life, but Sarah has helped guide me and helped me to convince myself that I am worthy and that self improvement and self care is not selfish!

Initially she allowed me space to grieve my former work persona, my former “identity”, and was my cheerleader in moving myself forward, I had been feeling very lost before I began the sessions.

I now have a plan and allow myself some “me” time in my day. I also know that I need to keep putting in the work to keep moving forward.

I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough, I felt her approach to me was tailored exactly to my needs, calm and gentle when I initially started but then firm and questioning in order to help me move towards my goals.

Thank you"



Caroline, Torquay

At first the things I thought were really the problem, in fact, were just minor details that pointed to a bigger picture of what actually was the "problem".  I didnt realise how so many things were all connected to bring this feeling of being unsettled that I had.  Like a delicate hand, unpicking stitches, Sarah simply unpicked one knot and let me unravel the rest in my own time, only coming in to offer suggestions where she thought I might need them and allowing me to see the bigger picture and how it could look.

I have seen Counsellers before and sometimes have found them to tell me what I think they need to here, however Sarah has a totally unique method that I cannot explain, I can only say it works.  After six weeks I had drawn up a plan and now this plan has been put into action and I cannot wait to see the fruits of my labour.  At no point did I feel like avoiding the phone calls, and now my sessions have finished, I miss my weekly call!  Its nothing like calling a Life Coach, more like calling a friend who is happy to listen, to offer different view points and more importantly is genuinely impartial to the situation and only works to help and guide you.

I would have no hesitations in recommending Sarah or her services to any one that needed them.    




I didn’t know what to expect when I started the coaching, all I knew was that I needed some guidance and help finding motivation. When I first spoke to Sarah I instantly felt at ease talking to her and she made me realise that it was ok to have bad days as long as I didn’t dwell on them and took each day as a fresh start. I’ve been given some great tools to help me manage my motivation and I just feel generally happier and more motivated. Thank you so much for helping me get back on track, it’s made a huge difference to my life and my family’s life!! 




Sarah has really helped me manage my anxiety and given me techniques also which have been really helpful. Thank you very much!


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