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Embracing feminine energy

Hey there, my self-care Queens. Today, I'm sharing another intimate part of my self-care journey, something I'm super excited to talk about– embracing my divine feminine energy! 👑

This captivating energy has encouraged a whole new level of self-love and indulgence, and I can't wait to dive into this magical topic with you all!

Firstly, let's touch on the basics for our beautiful beginners. When we talk about feminine and masculine energy, we're not discussing gender. No, no, no!

These are simply two types of energies that exist within every one of us, regardless of our gender identity.

Masculine energy is often associated with logic, structure, and action, while feminine energy embodies creativity, intuition, nurturing and flow.

Both are crucial for harmony, but today, we're focusing on the powerful feminine energy and how we can unleash it.

One of my new favorite ways to evoke my inner goddess is by spoiling myself with things I've previously saved for 'special occasions'.

Yes! As part of my self-care journey, every day is a celebration of me, so I’ve started treating it as such! 🎉

I've been challenging my beliefs and exploring the old notion of saving the best for a special day. My dear friends, let's be honest, isn't every day special when we are alive and thriving?

Take my morning fruit juice, for example. I've swapped out my regular juice glass for a Champagne flute. Sounds extra? Of course, it's extra fabulous! 🥂

This daily act of 'indulgence' not only adds a touch of elegance to my mornings, but also serves as a beautiful reminder to pamper myself and enjoy every moment.

For our dazzling tribe looking to embody their feminine energy, here are three empowering tips:

🤔Follow Your Intuition

Listening to our inner self isn’t always easy, but it's a key aspect of embodying your feminine energy. Trust your gut feelings! They're your own personal compass guiding you towards your truth.

💖Celebrate Your Emotions Embracing your feelings instead of pushing them aside is crucial. It's perfectly okay to feel and express your emotions! Remember, you're a gorgeous, vibrant human being with a kaleidoscope of feelings– and that's beautiful!

🌳Connect with Nature

Feminine energy is deeply rooted in our earth. Spending time outdoors, feeling the grass under your feet, or just watching the birds dance in the sky can help create a special bond with nature and awaken your divine feminine.

Bathe in the glow of your divine feminine, my beautiful friends. Remember, it's not just about self-care, it's about celebrating who you are, embracing every aspect of you and living your life to the fullest! Here's to empowering ourselves and embodying our divine feminine energy, every single day!

If you'd like support to connect with your feminine energy join us in The Self-Care Club Membership for only £7 a month and access a library of resources for your Self-Care journey.

So how will you indulge yourself today?

Until next time

Shine on you beautiful soul!

With love

Sarah 💖✨

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Love this! xx

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