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Noticing the negative?

Did you know our brains are naturally wired to be more negative? We are more likely to notice when something goes wrong and more likely to accept a negative as truth!

It's believed this negative bias is an evolutionary result of the brain trying to keep us alive in times of danger when bad would mean getting eaten by a dinosaur or eating berries that would kill us.

We all know that spending lots of time thinking about the negative can take a toll on our mental health so when we notice our minds running away down a negative path there is a few things we can do to help.

🌟Interrupt the negative thought pattern by Listen to some uplifting music or go out for a walk and really focus on the things around you

🌟 Keep a gratitude journal and write down the positives no matter how small they seem

🌟 Notice your self talk - are you kind to yourself or do you give yourself a hard time? Look to be kinder to yourself 💖

🌟 When something good happens really pay attention to the happy.

🌟Celebrate your wins no matter how small 🎉

What wins have you had in the last week?

Let's share our positive thoughts and encourage our brains to notice the good around matter how small 💕

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