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Confession time!

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Yesterday I sorted through some old paperwork and found one of my ideas books, it's at least 10 years old and as is usual for me was left open..and on the visible page laid out was exactly what I'm working on for my business right now! 😳Over 10 years since I wrote down these idea and I hadn't yet put them into I'm great at motivating others but I'm the absolute queen of procrastination when it comes to working on my own projects! Seeing my words...words I will confess to have forgotten all about writing gave me a bit of a shock....and in the moment I felt a bit annoyed with myself that it's taken so long to take action on my ideas. As I sat and looked through my ideas book I reminded myself that around the time I wrote those ideas not only did I not have the technical skills to bring them into fruition but that the last 10 years has seen a lot of change in my personal life.

10 years ago I was going through a massive & quite difficult change in my personal life, a change that led my life into a different direction, events that left me not trusting my own judgement, feeling unsure about my abilities, completely exhausted and with wounds to heal.

So on reflection at the time I wrote those ideas down maybe I just wasn't in the right place to put them into action. ive needed the time it has taken, to heal and reconnect with myself. I needed that time to develop the skills and network to put those ideas into action so that I could be successful with them.

So rather than punish myself for not taking action sooner I've chosen to thank myself for taking the time I've needed to heal and to see finding my ideas book again as a sign that I am following my heart and on the right path again. I feel motivated, more focused and more sure that the idea is the right one to be putting into action.

Is there something you've been putting off? Something you wish you started years ago but just haven't got round to yet....maybe now is your time too....don't let the fact that you didn't start straight away stop you from starting now!

You've got

Sarah 💖

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