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Conversions with Sarah, YouTube podcast pilot Episode S1E1.

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Conversations with Sarah is a podcast hosted by Sarah Reddan of SRTT.

Sarah is a Therapist, Trainer & Energy Healer who helps busy people make self care a priority by offering Hypnotherapy, Guided Mediation, EFT, Energy Healing & Therapeutic Coaching. Conversations with Sarah is a platform for therapist and advocates of wellbeing to discuss therapies that support wellness & self care, and to share individual stories of managing long term health conditions. In this episode Georgina from Moor Mindful joins Sarah from SRTT to speak about Coaching

The information in this video does not constitute medical advice & individual advice should be sought from your GP to check the safety & suitability before using any of the therapies or items talked ab out.

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