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No matter how out of control your anxiety or phobias currently feel you do have options to help manage symptoms and overcome the triggers 

How can SRTT support  you? 


Release Anxiety Personal Development course 

During this introductory personal development course you will learn techniques to help manage anxiety symptoms and be able to calm your body and mind. You will be guided through meditations, EFT tapping & Hypnotherapy to help release yourself from anxiety.

SRTT Personalised hypnotherapy audio download.png

Personalised Hypnotherapy audio downloads tailored to your personal goals. 

Created to your own specific requirements for your to listen to at a time that works for you. 

Sarah Reddan Therapist &  Trainer, SR Therapy Training, SRTT .png

For clients who are highly motivated to make change and want the accountability of an in person session Sarah offers 1-1 sessions. 

Sarah has successfully supported clients to; overcome phobias, build confidence, change relationship with food, lose weight, reduce anxiety, improve sleep patterns as well as mentoring self-employed business people with business launches and growth. 

1-1 sessions are tailored to your individual needs and a suited to clients who feel they want a more personal approach to support them.

If you are ready to take action to make your goals happen, love yourself and create your best life the first step, before you book a Therapeutic Coaching video call session with Sarah, is to book a free consultation for a pressure free, no obligation chat to discuss your individual requirements and how you may best work together.

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