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Mindset matters

Your mind is so powerful that if you say something enough times it will believe that it's let's use that power and start the week with some positive affirmations. Let's set that #mondaymindset to positive vibes and self belief. If this is new to you it may feel a bit strange and that's ok. Ideally look in the mirror and say these out loud but its ok to do whatever feels comfortable for you! If you can't say them all start by picking the one phrase that feels the most comfortable and repeat it a few times... remember the more you do it the easier it will get. 💖 I am kind to myself 🎉 Today is going to be a great day 💯 I'm worthy of my dreams & goals 🥰 I radiate positive vibes 🤗 I trust in myself 😍 I choose happiness Did you do it? How was that for you? #mondaymotivation #selftalkmatters #positivemindset #selfcarecoach

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