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🗣️ Let's talk Hypnotherapy

Hypnotic trance is a natural state that we all enter into throughout our daily life. If you have the desire to make a change hypnosis can help you re-programme unwanted habits, thoughts & emotions. Knowing what changes you want to make you will just relax and listen to my voice guiding you through the process. During Hypnosis some people feel they drift into an almost sleep state and others hear every word I've said, however you experience it is ok & you are always in control. Using hypnotherapy I have successfully supported clients to overcome phobias, become non-smokers, reframe their relationship with food, increase confidence, release anxiety and more. I offer 1-1 sessions, group programmes and self-help audios. If you'd like to make change in your life and want to explore how we may work together please book a free consultation #hypnotherapy #lifecoach #counselling #therapy #srtttherapy #selfcafeforlowenergyhumans #lowenergyhumans

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