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Happy New Year

Do you do New year's resolutions? Personally I don't, traditionally for me it's a long list of things I'm not going to do in the next year and a checklist of stuff I feel like I should be doing that generally is abandoned by the end of the month..... I just don't like the idea of piling pressure onto myself because of a certain date. Throughout the year I spend time evaluating if I am happy on my path and if I feel fulfilled with the way I am living my life...and make changes there and then if I feel they are needed. As the year comes to a close I like to do reflections...think about the year gone past and give thanks for the good. I like to be mindful of what I'd like to bring forward with me into the new year. I feel ending the year feeling positive about the choices I've made and with gratitude for the experiencings I've had allows me to start the new year in a positive & hopeful mindset for the year ahead. So what about you? How do you approach the new year? Will you be making any resolution or reflections this year? What are you thankful for? Sarah #wednesdaywellness #wellnesswednesday #wednesdaywisdom #mindsetmatters #gratitude #lovingheart #positivemindset #givethanks #lovethelifeyoulive #dontneedanewyearsresolution #dontneedanewyou #youareenough #perfectasyouare #lifebychoicenotchance #lifecoach #hypnosis #couselling #selfinvestment #selfhelp #srtherapytraining #srtt #srtherapy

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