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Conversations with Sarah podcast is a platform for both professional and non-professional advocates of wellbeing to discuss all things wellness. The aim is to make it easier for listeners to understand how different therapeutic approaches could help them with their own wellbeing. The hope is that by sharing knowledge and personal experiences those listening will feel more able to connect with services that will help them in their self care.

Conversations with Sarah is recorded as both video & audio episodes and distributed across various platforms. 

Topics discussed include personal opinions and does not constitute individual advice. Listeners are always advised to seek suitable support from GP and appropriately trained practitioners. 

Sarah is available to book as a podcast guest, to speak within private social media groups & as a speaker for virtual summits or corporate wellbeing events. 

Guest Information

Conversations with Sarah is recorded over Video call and is distributed as both Video and Audio content over various platforms.
The visual and audio recording with be used in their entirety as well as clips, screenshots, soundbites, stills and other edits. The recordings and extracts from the recordings will be used by Sarah Reddan over various social media platforms. On your release day your business will be tagged in various posts, guest are encouraged to also share the podcast and tag the social media platforms for Conversation with Sarah 

How to be a great guest: ​

  • Complete the podcast guest release form 

  • Arrive on time

  • Be hydrated 

  • Turn off all notifications and ringers 

  • Where possible use laptop/PC & ethernet connection

  • If using mobile switch on data & Wifi

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged or device plugged in

  • Check you have suitable lighting, avoid sitting in a window or a dark room or in a cluttered space.  

  • Avoid spaces that echo or have background noise

  • Ideally use headphones/earbuds & microphone 

  • Any children & pets are suitably supervised and can't be heard in the background

  • Remember you are not here to sell, relax and enjoy the conversation, let your passion and knowledge shine through. Listeners who are interested in your services  will be able to see contact details in the episode description. 

Reasons an episode wont be used or may be withdrawn: 

  • Poor video quality

  • Poor sound quality

  • Sound disturbance

  • Excessive use of profanity

  • Selling or advertising services or products 

  • Agreed topic not covered

  • Making claims that could lead to legal issues

  • Breach of copyright

  • Slanderous statements 

  • Expression of strong religious or political beliefs 

  • Any other reason that may cause harm or does not fit with the ethos of Conversations with Sarah platform. 

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