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Ready to focus on body empowerment, self-acceptance and learning to nourish not punish your body ? This is the course for you! 

Reframe your Relationship with Food 


It's time for you to step off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, shame and self-criticism and learn to love your body whatever shape or size it is. 

You'll be guided through tasks to help you tap into your thinking around food and body image,

 and have access to hypnotherapy sessions to tackle specific issues.

This personal development course is online & self-directed meaning  you'll be able to access the recorded hypnotherapy session in your own time as well as having the support of our private Facebook community group.

Now is time to stop focussing on the scales, being critical of yourself and approaching food from a scarcity viewpoint. Instead learn to focus on eating intuitively, nurturing your body, enjoying movement and having an approach of kindness towards yourself. 

During this self directed course you will be:

Reframing your relationship with food

Bringing your body back to balance

Remembering how to recognise genuine hunger & when you are full

Learning to love your body as it is

Connecting with enjoying movement

You will have lifetime access to a mixture of self-directed coaching tasks & hypnotherapy audio sessions as well as access to a dedicated private FB group. 


Work through at your own pace connecting with the sessions at a time that works for you! Knowing support is also there 

Hypnotherapy sessions include:

Overcoming emotional eating

Drinking more water

Recognising when you are full

Eat more fruit & vegetables

Enjoy exercise

Tap into your self confidence.

This is an online self-directed course so can be joined at any time and worked through at your own pace.  If you wish to add the 1-1 or group coaching option please book a free consultation before purchasing. 

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