_Sarah Reddan, Therapist &  Trainer, SRT

Hello & welcome, if you have found your way here you have already made the decision you are ready to make some changes to your life! Now is the time for you to make yourself a priority, learn what self-care is to you and create your positive mental health & wellness.


 Sarah Reddan Transformational Therapies offers remote 1-1 therapeutic coaching, personal development courses, self-help audios, E-books and online subscription memberships to help you with personal growth in a way that works for your schedule. 


Rock Balancing

Time to make yourself a priority 

Beauty in Nature


 Stop negative thoughts and improve confidence 

Desert Road

Habit Change 

Focus on your goals & healthy habits 

Meditating in Mountains


Take back control of your life 

Coastline at Sunset

Spiritual Development  

Connect to your inner knowing 

Sitting on a Rock

Meditation & mindfulness

practices for wellness  

Cherry Blossoms Blooming

Individual support for highly motivated clients 

Spring Forest


Let go of your fears and overcome phobias 

Orange Clouds

Stop Smoking 

Time to break free from the smoking habit 

Orange Clouds


Harness your inner power to create change 

Tall mountain


Guided Mediation Library